Ebook: The Art of Color Seeing


a 36 page ebook (pdf) on refining color perception,
with 14 full color images.

from the introduction:

"The task then, of seeing beyond our conventions of thought and painting what the world looks like remains daunting and yet, most rewarding. The opportunity to recognize the limitations of our thinking and to perceive the world unencumbered by thought opens up experiences that can be enlightening. In fact, the experiences that open up seem identical to what the Eastern traditions describe as the state of enlightenment. Not only does the world begin to look different with each new veil of the conceptual removed, but also, we begin to see ourselves differently as well. Many artists, from all periods, have described the feeling of barriers between themselves and their subjects falling away and there remaining simply a sense of oneness and a sense of profound love.

These thoughts are not presented with a belief that they are either “right” or “true”, nor that they cover all the important aspects of seeing and painting. I write simply as an attempt to point the reader to an experience of seeing with no ideas attached. The training in color seeing is different from conventional training. Conventional training teaches us to “know” what to do first, and then to do. In the training of color seeing, it is better to have “no idea” what you are doing, and then do. It is in the doing that these timeless discoveries open up. The discoveries are not accumulated as knowledge, but rather as a broadening of awareness and a deepening of the experience of being".