Chuck Ceraso studied painting and sculpting at the University of Notre Dame and painting with Henry Hensche, the well known painter and teacher of the Cape School in ProvinceTown, MA. Hensche taught for over 60 years until his death in 1991.

Chuck has been a sought after instructor at the Denver Art Museum, the Art Students League of Denver and the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities for many years. He also holds ongoing classes in his gallery and studio in Lafayette, CO. His work can be found in public and private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe.

I have been fascinated with painting from the actual experience of sight as opposed to painting from a set of rules or theories as taught by many artists. Using the principles of seeing that I learned from Henry,  I continue to discover a fresh vision of the world as simply an arrangement of colored shapes. Science has verified that color vision is a much more complex and fascinating phenomenon than any theory or formula can ever predict.

I paint not to reproduce a scene or subject as a picture, but to plunge more deeply into my experience of the world and to bring forth a painting that is alive with visual truth and Presence. For me, painting is an ongoing contemplation on the mystery and magic of life. I continue to learn that a profound humility is required for this endeavor and that the more I paint, the less I know. I approach each painting as if I’ve never before seen that which sits before my eyes. I have learned that the world is a visual feast that can never be fully digested, and in that, offers unending revelation and profound inspiration.