This workshop is limited to 10 artists. We'll follow  the recommendations of social distancing and the wearing of face masks. No mask will be required while painting except when Chuck is working directly with you. It's recommended to include a hand sanitizer with your supplies.

We'll work two different locations each morning of the first weekend and the same location both days of the second weekend to allow for further development of the study. In the event of a bad weather day, we'll move to the next weekend as a make up.

Any medium is welcome, though oils or pastels are most highly recommended. All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced painters.

Materials List:
     1.)  Three boards, canvases or sheets of paper around 12"x16" (If using watercolors extra sheets recommended.
     2.)  Portable easel. Palette. Paper towels or cloth towels. Colored pencil.
     3.)  Hat, dark shirt, sun screen and insect repellant. 
     4.)  Recommended colors:
        cadmium yellow or equivalent
        cadmium yellow lemon or equivalent
        cadmium red light or equivalent
        cadmium orange or equivalent
        manganese blue
        ultramarine blue
        dioxazine violet
        quinacrodone red
        emerald green
        permanent green
        yellow ocher
        venetian red
        mars violet
     5.)  If using oils, a painting knife is recommended. One with a bend in the neck leading to the blade and with a blade about
         a quarter of an inch wide at the base and tapering to a point or rounded tip. Brushes are ok as well, but the knife is highly          recommended. If bringing brushes, odorless mineral spirits recommended.