ceraso gallery & studio presents

S Band
Khabu Young     Bill McCrossen     Mark Miller     Art Lande

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

7 pm

$15 suggested donation

Khabu (guitar), Bill McCrossen (bass), Mark Miller (woodwinds), Art Lande (piano)

Want Some Lobster? Chief Longnose Meets the Pilgrims.

Yes! A themed evening with S.

It's not as if they've gone extinct, but a themed concert adds something shared and tangilble to the recipe for the evening. A launchpad. Some conrete. A giggle or something to ponder. And with Want Some Lobster? Chief Longnose Meets the Pilgrims, there is a lot of intrigue and latitude to work with for both audience and band member. (Art will be providing hints/suggestions, and/or an explanation of the title.)

Don't hesitate to get your seat at the table (house concerts are by reservation only), and engage with the story of Chief Longnose and why he might be serving up Lobster in Colorado.

Note: Dinner, lobster and otherwise, is entirely up to you and it must be limited to an image. Something to be conjured with aural stimulus, and to be created and consumed through and between your ears. This imaginary dinner will be perfectly prepared to your liking and if not, please have your imaginary server handle the situation. After all, Chief Longnose will be your House Manager for the evening's dining experience.

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